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Ruslan Sharipov
Solar laser

Solar laser.

It is known that lasers are based on various media: on ruby crystals, on inert gases (Helium & Neon), on CO_2 etc. In Reagan's projects of Star Wars in the middle of 1980s the laser based on a nuclear explosion was discussed. Following this idea, one can expect to use the Sun as an active medium for a laser. Two satellites at diametrically opposite positions on a circular Solar orbit can carry two mirrors composing the laser.

The Sun can de understood as a completely ionized gas. Therefore orbital electronic transitions cannot be used for such a laser. However, there are quantum states of nuclei. Transitions between these quantum states possibly can produce a coherent radiation of the "gluon field". Why not ? This is the question for specialists.

See the descussion of this project in various forums.

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