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Ruslan Sharipov
  1. In 1977 I graduated from the high school no. 18 in my native town Karakul (Bukhara region in Uzbekistan). Sertificat No. 018880 & golden medal. My physics teacher was Prof. Choriev Kasim Rahmanovich.

  2. In 1977 I took part in International Physics competition (Hradec Kralove and Prague, Chekhoslovakia) as a member of USSR team. I had got the first degree diploma.

  3. In the same year of 1997 I entered Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Department of General and Applied Physics (DGAP). In 1983 I graduated from MIPT with the speciality Automatics and Electronics, Diploma G-1 No. 398891. Subspeciality: Solid State Physics and Theoretical Physics.

  4. In 1983 I entered the post graduate courses at Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, the department of Mathematical Physics headed by academician V. S. Vladimirov. Professor O. I. Bogoyavlensky became my Scientific Adwiser.

  5. In 1989 I have defended my PhD thesis in Specialized Council at Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow). I specialized in Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics. My thesis was entitled "Multiplet solutions for some equations with the Lax type representations". I had got the PhD diploma FM No. 036283.

  6. Starting from 1987 till now I am applied at Mathematical Department of Bashkir State University. In 1987-1992 I had a position of Assistant Professor, in 1992-1993 I had a position of Senior Teacher, and from 1993 till now I am applied as an Associate Professor.

  7. In 1995 I was awarded the Dotsent's degree. Sertificat DC No. 13811.

  8. I have 80 published scientific papers and 6 textbooks for students. I was a member of Prof. S. I. Pinchuk's research group (grant No. RK4000 and grant No. RK4300 from ISF in 1993-1994, grant No. 93-47 from INTAS in 1996).

  9. In 1998 I began writing thesis for the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Russia. Thesis is entitled "Dynamical systems admitting normal shift". In the end of Summer 1999 my thesis was ready written and typeset (see English version math.DG/0002202 in Electronic Archive). However it is not yet defended in a Council due to some circumstances being mostly not in science, but in policy of mathematical community.

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